Redecorate old house

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The house which has been used for a long time will become old and broken. The living environment can not be comfortable or convenient any more for the people living inside. Sometimes, you do not know how to fix things or to change the surrounding to keep away from the current suffocating feeling.

There are thousands of ways to make your house newer, many of them are very simple but can give great benefits to your life. The first thing you should think of is the cover of the whole house, you should repaint the wall of the house both outside and inside. The new, clean and fresh paint can give more energy to the house. Currently, people have the tendency to choose light and natural colors for the walls this can make the house to be gently beautiful.

You can use the wall paper to redecorate your living environment. There are a lot of wall papers which are various in style and color which can be a very good choice for hiding the old and dirty walls of your house. You can use special wall paper with vignette for one size of the wall while the rest can be covered with plain color. For wall paper, it is more choice for you to combine color because you do not need to mix color as paint, you only need to choose the piece of wall paper and stick them into the wall according to the ration you would like. If you know how to combine different styles of wall paper, just do it, it can make your house more special.

Later on, you should arrange all the things and stuffs in your house tidily and properly. You can rearrange the furniture in the house to create a new design for the house which can make the house a new look. You should make a review and do not be reluctant to remove some old and unnecessary decoration items and stuffs. It can make the environment opener and fresher.

If you use one sofa for a long time it can make people feel boring so you should make your sofa new by simply changing the cover of the sofa. You can buy a lot of different style covering for the sofa in the shop. Other things you should make it new are the curtain. You should make them out of dust, clean them and add some decoration items into them. If you have enough budget you can buy some new ones and change the current.

The floor can have some effect to the appearance of the room and the house. You can use carpet to make new outlook for the floor, it is even better in the winter because it will make the room warmer and when you step you can not feel the cold of the floor.

You can buy some more green plants and place them in some places in the house. The green trees can make your space more fresh and open. It can help the living space cleaner. You can at the same time feel closer to the nature, even in your own house.

You can remove the boringness by placing some vase of flower or colorful decoration items in the window now only inside but also outside the house.

There are many simple ways but can make your house a difference. Just combining colors, rearranging furniture and device the old house now can turn out to be a really attractive one with a newer outlook with a cheap cost and a few efforts.


Mistakes in home decoration

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When arranging furniture in house, people may get some basic mistakes for decoration. The following advice will help people to avoid making these mistakes for home decoration. However, firstly you have to look through your house and find down if your house get some below problems.

  1. Hang the picture too high

Almost all family will hang at least one painting in the wall in their house. However, there are many families who are hanging the paintings or pictures too high in the wall because they watch them when they are standing. In order to hang the painting in the height which is suitable for the eye to watch, you should choose the height when you seat.

Some hints below can help you to identify the most suitable height and distance for your painting:

  1. Measure and mark the point in the wall which is far from the ground 1.45m
  2. Measure and mark the middle point of the painting according to vertical line. This point will be overlapped the height of 1.45m
  3. Measure the height from the upper frame edge of the painting to the point to hang the painting
  4. Subtract the number of step 2 to step 3. The result will be the height to hang the painting.

Below example with exact number will illustrate more for the case:

  1. The height of the painting is 0.50m
  2. The middle point of the painting is 0.25m (overlapping with the distance from ground 1.45m)
  3. Distance from the hanging point to the upper frame edge of the painting is 0.05m
  4. Calculation is made: 0.25 – 0.05 = 0.2 (m)
  5. So the painting will be hung in the upper point of the marked point 0.2m or the distance from the hanging point to the ground is 1.65m
  6. Low light in the rooms

Almost all rooms in the house can be under the condition of lack of lighting. Some families think that it is enough for the room to have one lamp in the middle of the ceiling, namely hall chandelier. But the shortage of lighting will give bad effect to the living condition and the health of all family members.

Each room will have at least 3 lamps, excluding the hall chandelier in the middle of the ceiling. Table lamp and wall lamp which is placed in low area under the eye seeing line can help to provide the most sufficient lighting for clearer seeing and can contribute to make the vignette of the furniture more impressive and emphasized.

  1. Make the house into a store

Many people will store in their house a lot of things such as books, hats, old clothes, small statues, pictures, paintings and so on. Many of these items will not be used for a year and a lot of dust will be stick on. If you are really interested in colleting things and stuffs you should arrange them in a tidy and clean way in somewhere in the house. It will be great if there will be a bookshelf in the living rather than you keep books in all rooms with the order that some in this room and the others in that room. This logic arrangement can help to make the house look tidier and you can find it easy to look for things in case of need as well.

  1. Way of using color

Even though everybody will have a separate color to love or be fond of some popular colors but most of the house will be kept safe with some ordinary colors such as nude or white. People may afraid of using colors which is too vivid or too strong. However, the adding of more colors in the house can create the activeness and energy for the house and in addition it helps to increase the feeling for the people living in. It does not mean that you have to paint 4 walls with the same color or with one color. You can start with colorful decoration pillow, a stronger sofa or one light side of the wall. The best combination is that 20% of strong color and the rest 80% for the light color.

  1. No carpet

Many families do not have the habit to use the floor carpet in their house. Some may think that the luxury will be shown by the wooden or granite floor. However, a floor carpet can help to increase the color for the house. With the floor carpet people can reduce the sound of stepping or other movement in the floor. In term of visual effect, floor carpet can make your narrow space look larger. Your house should have the floor carpet in one of the following rooms, namely living room, corridor, bedroom, bathroom (door carpet) and kitchen.

  1. No curtain

It is a pity if you do not use a door or window curtain and based only on the normal window to decorate the room. Besides the fact that the sun will light directly through the glass of window to the house, people outside can see exactly what happen inside your house if there is no curtain to cover the window.

If you want the house to be mint with sun then you can choose silk and thin curtain made of cotton or linen in light color. Or the color of the curtain should match with the surroundings of the room.



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Area around Dalat except for shelter of animals is one of the best hunting lands in Asia and can be compared with some parts of West Africa. The land around Dalat can be divided into 2 parts as follows with so many kinds of animals.

  1. Di Linh Plateau

The famous Di Linh Plateau is located on the height of 900 – 1000 meters, is a hunting area which has the most convenient transportation in Indochina and is a paradise for hunters.

Plants here are rich and varied, which contributes to make the sightseeing much stranger. Sometimes, it looks like the East and to be compared with landscape in Europe as the Jura mountains (Giuy – ra) or Vosges (Votz – gio). It also reminds of a land in Africa such as plains, hills, vast grassy land with interjected slender trunks or an image of result of annual forest burning.

This is the home to tigers and bison. Small animals are also abundant. On the hill, there appear cocks. Around the valley, along the stream from September to December there have ducks. In Da Nhim valley between Phi Nom and Dran, it is easy for hunters to catch chincken and peacock. In quiet areas, hunters can use bait and shotguns to kill many tiger ( Felis tigris ) in a day. A large tiger is 1.05 meter tall and 1.9 meter long.

  1. Lang Bi – an

In Lang Bi – an, based on the shape of horn to distinguish two types of bison: Bos Gaurus and Bos Banteng.

  • Bos Gaurus is a kind of cow that has dark brown fur, white or yellow from feet to knee and has a very large head. Males are 2.05 meter in height and has a long horn from 80 to 103 centimeter.
  • Bos Banteng is a beautiful animal with small legs, yellow or reddish fur with white or gray stains form nails to knee. This type of cow has the length of horn form 80 to 92 centimeter. It runs faster than the former type and difficult to make friends.

In addition to tigers and bison, hunters also catch elephants, leopards, bears, deer, wild boar and sometimes rhino.

  • Asian elephant ( Elephas indicus) is smaller than the African elephant, not higher than 3 meter but has a bigger head. Those elephants have tusks weighing 10 kilograms and are very rare.
  • Bears wearing rings or Malaysia bears ( Helarotos malayennus raffles) are not higher than 75 centimeter with a dark black hair. Under the neck is an orange ring ( male bears) or white one ( female bears). They have sharp teeth and fangs that are used to pull the honeycomb out of the hollow.
  • One – horned rhinoceros ( Rhinoceros unicornis) are 2 meter high, have thick skin and the horns longer than 30 – 45 centimeter.
  • Deer are so abundant. Aristote deer ( Cervus aristotelis) is like deer in Europe with 4 – branch – antler. The ELD deer is 1.15 meter high with a yellow – gray fur ( female) or dark brown fur ( male). Beautiful pair of antlers in Lang Bi-an are 116 centimeter long. Deer have small body, reddish hair. If you stand far from them, you may mistake them for giraffe.
  • Giraffe are very cute. They are about 60 centimeter tall with smooth reddish fur. Male giraffe have small antlers of 10 – 14 centimeter in length. Cheo ( Trajule javanicus) is a kind of small, not taller than 20 centimeter with reddish brown fur. Both male and female of this type have no antlers.
  • Wild boars are divided into 2 types. One type has less hair and usually is found at an altitude of 1000 meter and the other type has white strips and is 150 kilograms heavy.
  • For small animals, we can consider rabbits, jungle fowl, ducks. Birds are also diverse. That’s why not hunters but scientists often come here to collect them.

The scenery here is attractive, has moderate temperature and few mosquitoes that make hunting trips more interesting.

For a long time, people have known how to put traps on the trails or ways of animals. Such these traps are sophisticated that no animals can recognize. They can even kill elephants and rhinos. They also dug a series of deep holes to fit the size of animals then cover the holes with dry leaves to trap bison and elephants. They know how to poison the arrows to pierce tigers and leopards. In the woods next to the pasture, the people often use dog, spears to hunt deer and wild boar. But nowadays, hunters are in favour of using guns to hunt such large animals. One of the famous sites that they visit frequently to select and get to know about hunting guns is

This land is so wonderful not only about weather but also a large number of animals of all types. It is a really ideal area for hunting and scientific researches. But if hunters want to catch animals for eternity, the Government needs to regulate strict laws so that there’s no extinction.

How to use a hunting air rifle?

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The most important component that all hunters normally bring together with them of course must be a hunting rifle. There are many kinds of hunting rifle but the most popular one is the hunting air rifle which is considered as the most suitable and easiest one. Even though they are the easiest one but you have to follow very strictly and closely all the regulations that the manufacturer set for this kind of hunting air rifle. The following steps can help you to have the overall outlook of how to use the hunting air rifle safely and effectively.

– You have to pick up the most suitable air rifle with you. The length and the weight of the air rifle are very important for the hunters. You should not choose the one which is bigger than your body shape or one that your shoulder can not bear the air gun. Because your shoulder will have to hold the air holding rifle and when you pull the trigger you have to care about the recoil. So you should not let the too heavy air hunting rifle on your shoulder. Do not rest something over your physical shoulder. In the market, many manufacturers try to make use of advanced material which can reduce the weight of the hunting air rifle a lot so it can help to avoid any sore shoulders for the hunters.

– When you use the air hunting rifle, to identify the target you will look through the sights of the barrel. You can choose the one which is easy for you to look and identify the target.

– Then you have to decide which side of your body will hold the air hunting rifle. There is no rule on which side is better you just choose the one which you will feel the most suitable. You are the left-handed but you can put your air hunting rifle on the right and in contrast. Almost all air hunting rifle are designed for the right-handed hunters. But there is some special one which can be suitable for the right-handed one.

– You have to choose the finger to put on the grip.

– You have to know the distance from your shoulder to the grip. Your rest hand should be in the same distance ahead under the body of your hunting air rifle. And at this step you should not touch the barrel. You have to find down about the optic scope of your hunting rifle also. You can identify the suitable distance for shooting by knowing that. There are a lot of review on rifle scope review on a wide range of forums and websites for hunting. You can click here to see some of them.

– You have to know how to control and adjust your eyes when you hold the hunting air rifle on your shoulder. You should not look up and down try to find the position which your eyes will find it the most comfortable.

– When you sight your target, you need to know how to control and manage the sight controller mode there will be the back sight, front sight and the target. There will be a small piece of mental at the end of your hunting rifle and this is the part which is the nearest to you. You have to hold the rifle up to make the target into the central point of the shooting. For some modern hunting rifle there will be some red and green lights showing you the center point of the shooting target. Then you can adjust to have the accurate shooting.

– When you already finishing sighting, then it is time for you to shoot the target. Just breathe slowly and focus on the target. Adjust the barrel a little bit until the sight come into the center of the target. When you do all that things, you have to gently pull the trigger. Each kind of hunting air rifle will have the certain best rifle scope, for some it can be the best at 15 scope, you can find some examples of this type through

– For the new beginners, the numbers of incorrect shooting is simple. Time over time you can have the feeling of accurate hunting, meaning you can know how to control and manage the barrel, the grip and identifying the target through the sight controller mode.

You can download the instruction for using the hunting air rifle in the Internet. The instructions can be made under visuals or teaching video. Firstly, you have to remember all the steps to use then you can practice it at home without having pellets inside the air rifle. When you think that you are confident enough to pull the real trigger then you can go hunting in the real location. The air hunting rifle is for the purpose of hunting it is the real weapon which can give any kind of injury in case of misuse so reading the instruction for usage carefully is of utmost importance to every hunter regardless of a amateur or professional one.




Outdoor sport equipments

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In the series of Outdoor Sport articles, we have discovered most about various types of outdoor activities. So we hope that you already pick one and have a plan to practice, along with regular exercise routine, equipping yourself with equipment and related tools are essential to keep you from unexpected damages. In general, sports equipment is any object or tools which are used for sport or exercise purposes.

People usually think about big equipments to care about and forget about small tools, so the best way is to write down a preparation list

We would like to give you list of equipments used for common and popular sports played outdoors in particular. Before doing that, the list of necessary equipments and tools are introduced to give you an overview of what need to be prepared. People usually think about big equipments to care about and forget about small tools, so the best way is to write down a preparation list. Big things can be tents, stoves, cookware, bags and luggage meanwhile small accessories are first aid box, gadgets, hydration, lighting, maps, books and navigation, clothing including footwear, socks, sunglasses, shirts, waterproof jackets and others that match with climate and weather of places you will come. Other accessories such as hand/foot warmers, lip balm and sunscreen/wind block play an important part too. One of the most importance things is that you must always keep a small knife to minimize risks from unexpected troubles. In addition to the preparation list for generally travelling purpose, it depends on which type of activities one are taking to decide other items.

Firstly, trekking is well-known all over the world with the participants are usually those who love walking. Trekking equipments must meet requirements to ensure safety for participants. Besides regular equipments, there are things you need to carry with and they are heavyweight gloves or mittens with a waterproof shell outer, down vest and/or jacket, fleece or wool trousers/pants, trekking boots with spare laces, thick, warm wool hiking socks, gaiters, telescopic trekking/ski poles.

Secondly, for rock climbing, these things below should be with you. They include plastic boots and crampons (preferably step-in bindings) with front points, mountaineering harness, mountaineering ice-axe, climbing sling and two locking karabiners, telescopic ski-sticks, prussic loops and climbing helmet. Thirdly, skiing, since this is a pretty luxurious sport so if it is your first try, do not spend money on buying the expensive gears and accessories, just rent them and decide later. The following items are crucial items you will need for your day on the ski slopes. They are skis of course, ski boots, ski bag, duffel bag, goggles, helmet, ski poles, ski lock, sunglasses and walkie talkies. Fourthly, snorkeling is also a particular sport that needs special equipments such as masks, fins, snorkels, gear bags, snorkel vests and rash guards and boots. In which, fins are a means of locomotion in the water while snorkel is a tube that you can breathe air through when you are swimming under the surface of the water. Along with the mask, the greatest piece of gear created was the snorkel and there are three types of snorkel available namely basic, semi-dry or total dry. Sixthly, fishing is favorable by many people and it is also one of the most well-known outdoor ports. Well, fishing equipments include fishing tackle which is any equipment or gear used for fishing. For examples hooks, lines, sinkers, floats, rods, reels, baits, lures, spears, nets, gaffs, traps, waders and tackle boxes are all belong to fishing tackle. In which, the term tackle means “apparatus for fishing”, appeared to be in use from 1398 AD. Fishing tackle is also called fishing gear. Beside the mentioned above equipments, we believe that there are more equipments and tools with more functions and characteristics available for sports people select.

The best sport brands usually purchase for using

It you are still considering where to buy the equipments, here are some famous and trusted brands that you can rely on. These are the best sport brands that normal people and athletes usually purchase for using. Adidas ranks first, it is a German multinational corporation that designs and manufactures sports clothing and accessories in Germany. Nike ranks second and it is an American multinational corporation that its operation engaged in the design, development, manufacturing and worldwide marketing and selling of footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories and services. Reebok International Limited, a UK base company which became a subsidiary of the German group Adidas since 2005. Puma, also another German company, ranks fourth and the company that stands at fifth place is ASICS, a Japanese athletic equipment company.

In conclusion, in addition to the above equipments, other tools and items are available so if you want to add other items to complete the preparation of this list, do not hesitate to contact us. Another advice always look for the right way to use equipments and tools and know how to choose the right equipments that suit best for you.


Types of Outdoor Sport 3

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It is very helpful in the future when you have to paddle yourself or it is a relaxing way to release stress, and moreover

So far, we have gone through the first three categories of outdoor sport which are mountain activities, forest activities, beach and sea activities. As we have said in the previous article, the categories left are fresh water activities, aero activities, desert activities, family activities and cultural & historical activities. In fresh water activities, we realize there are two activities that you may feel familiar with, they are canoeing and kayaking. Canoeing is kind of sport that player use paddle as equipment to move the canoe in the water. The posture is highly important since it decides whether you paddle fast or slow, uncomfortable or not.

So reading more about the right position you should do while paddling is put in to-do travelling list. Sitting facing forward in an open or closed-decked canoe, and propel yourself with a single-bladed paddle, under your own power. Please remember to learn more on this canoeing topic so it is very helpful in the future when you have to paddle yourself or it is a relaxing way to release stress, and moreover, you are passionate about this sport. Practicing and getting more information will help you to reach your dream with canoeing. Then, kayaking, it may be considered similar to canoeing but it does have differences so we can easily distinguish each type of fresh water activities. Kayaking is simply control kayak to move across water. Literally, kayak is a relatively small and narrow boat, it is controlled entirely by human power, primarily designed to be propelled by hand paddle. A traditional kayak has deck and one or more cockpits, each seating one rowers. The cockpit is covered by a deck lid to prevent the entry of water from waves or rays and helps water kayak longtime players feel comfortable and perform skills “kayak roll” (Eskimo roll), a dynamic flip to that effect kayak lid will not spill water on deck. We all know that canoeing and kayaking are different but what are the differences? Kayaking is distinguished from canoeing by the paddler’s sitting position and the number of blades on the paddle. A kayak is defined by the International Canoe Federation (ICF) as a boat where the paddler faces forward, legs in front, using a double-bladed paddle. There are several types of kayaking which are sit on tops, cockpit style, spray skirt, inflatables and tandems. Base on kayak ranges and adaptability, it can be useful and applied for other outdoor activities such as diving, fishing, wilderness exploration and particularly search and rescue during floods. See, the activity with a small boat can bring back lots of benefits.

Attracting customers and gaining extra income for local people.

After that, aero activities involve flying, ballooning and gliding. In which ballooning is becoming well-known all over the world. Ballooning in short or hot air ballooning in full term is the activity of flying hot air balloons. The balloons fly along with the direction of the winds so passengers feel no wind during the flight, except for brief periods when the balloon climbs or descends into air. The purpose of taking balloon is mainly to see a bigger scene or the whole views of certain places. For example, in Bagan, Myanmar, there is exceptional structure that its view from balloon is totally perfect so balloon service can be developed well in this city in order to both attracting customers and gaining extra income for local people.

Then, camel safari and desert jeep safari belong to desert activities. As I have said in the previous article, the term “safari” is explained clearly so camel safari is the activities of safari by camel and similarly safari activity involves riding jeep is defined as desert jeep safari. They are super easy to understand right? It you have any concern; do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

Furthermore, the meaningful category is appeared on the list, it is family activities with picnicking, corn maze, or maybe bungee jumping. No need to say more, picnicking is too popular and familiar to everyone. This is easy to do and the opportunity to gather with your beloved ones. Eating sandwich, drinking fruit juice and talking are top thing to do in a picnic. Now, if you are having troubles at school or work, putting them into in corner and going on a picnic to mingle into the nature and share your feeling with family or friends. While picnicking is ranked at easy level, bungee jumping may be ranked at high level since it require players’ courage to jump from high level with ropes and protective equipment into the air. You will be able to fly in the air for a period of time to experience the bird’s feeling or fly species. This sound cool, right? If you have chance, try doing bungee jumping once in order to see the beautiful sky in your eye while being hang in the air. Lastly, cultural and historical activities refer to those metal activities and require lots of thinking. So it is still a new category, we will not get in too much in this type of sport.


Congratulations, until now, you all know about eight types of outdoor activities. You have the base so do more research yourself and choose one sport or game to practice. You have the base so do more research yourself and choose one sport or game to practice for health body and other benefits.

Types of Outdoor Sport 2

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Enjoy the beauty of nature while experiencing one or two nights at a campsite

In the previous article, we talked about those outdoor sports which belong to mountain activities. So in today article, we give you more information about the rest category in this sport. Let’s move to forest activities, from its name, we could easily understand that the activities played involve the forest factor such as camping, mushroom hunting or wildlife safari. Firstly, camping is a recreational activity played outdoors in which the participants are called campers who want to stay away from civilization and enjoy the beauty of nature while experiencing one or two nights at a campsite . Camping involves the use of tents, a primitive structure thing, or even they stay at certain places with no shelter at all. Camping became popular as a recreational activity in the early 20th century and campers usually go to national parks, other places of public ownership, and private camping area where the spaces is large enough. Furthermore, homeless people also take advantage of camping as an inexpensive form of accommodation or people who want to attend big events or festival without waiting so long to get into the performance area, they stay in tents and camping a day before the official starting day. Nowadays, camping becomes a regular entertainment activity at weekend or on holiday for many families and young people. This is time for them to gather and share feeling with others and also a way to release stress. Backpackers are the ones who pretty prefer this type of activities since it is cost-saving and friendly to the environment.

Have you ever heard about mushroom hunting? Well, I guess some of you know about that and some do not because this type of games or sport is just well-known in Western countries and in developed ones.   Literally, mushroom hunting has other names such as mushrooming, mushroom picking, mushroom foraging, and similar terms in order to describe the activity of gathering mushrooms in the wild, typically for eating. In these mentioned above countries, children or primary students usually take mushroom hunting as an extra curriculum activity with the purpose of knowing and gaining ability to identify various types of mushroom including poisonous and non-poisonous one. Mushrooming are available in most of Europe countries, including the Nordic, Baltic, and Slavic countries and the Mediterranean Basin as well as in Australia, Japan, Korea, Canada, the Indian subcontinent, and the northwestern, northeastern, Midwestern and Appalachian United States. In the future, we believe this meaningful and useful activity will be more widely known and applied in many countries around the world.

Similar to mushroom hunting, wildlife safari sound familiar to some countries and to other countries, this term is very new. So what is safari in general and wildlife safari in particular? According to Wikipedia, the term “safari” is defined as an overland journey, usually a trip by tourists to Africa. Before, it was a big-game hunt, but nowadays, safari often refers to trips that tourists take to observe and photograph wildlife—or hiking and sight-seeing. In the past, US president Teddy Roosevelt was the person who made this term popular in the United States. So let’s dig into different types of safari. In this category, we would like to give you information about wildlife safari. If it said by the most simple and easy way to understand, wildlife safari means you are taking a safari in the wildlife, Africa of course. We are pretty sure that almost all of us know how beautiful, wild and different the nature in Africa is through your own eyes or televisions or books and magazines. Let’s imagine you have the chance to see endangered and wild animals in places where harsh living conditions and climates like African. Days by days, there are more and more people who love adventurous journey take this type of sport to experience thing just available in Africa. This requires lots of courage and high spirit of discovery and adventure. Then, the result you receive may be beyond expectation with awesome and totally different scenes and animals. If you are lucky, you can see the process of hunting from the prey. Okay, we think that is enough for you to do it yourself, google about wildlife safari, find advices from the one did it and maybe take your backpack and go. Tons of new things are waiting for you ahead.

Most of us love the beach and water-related activities

The next category in outdoor sport is beach and sea activities, we bet a lot of people will pay more attention on this since most of us love the beach and water-related activities. These activities involves snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing and of course the most popular activities among this type, swimming. So join us to learn about those sports in order. First, snorkeling or snorkelling in British and Commonwealth English is relevant to swimming but it needs more skills and equipment such as diving mask, snorkel and fins to be practiced while your body stays on or in the water. Another kind of equipment, a wetsuit may be worn in cooler water to allow snorkelers who snorkel see the view under the water for a period without being harmed at maximize level. Nowadays, snorkeling is very popular especially at tropical areas such as beach or resorts. Snorkeling not only offer attractive and beautiful view the ocean’s life to snorkeler but also easy to learn and practice. It must be wonderful if you snorkel in clear water area, the opportunity to see ocean creatures is higher and your feeling is better, too. Why not go to Maldives, Hawaii, or just your local beaches. Second, swimming, it is considered to stay first in the beach and sea activities based on popular level. People prefer swimming for a 5-year-old boy to a 70-year-old man. Swimming is the movement in water, usually without artificial assistance from swimmer. Swimming is a useful and entertaining activity. Swimming is often used when bathing, cooling, travel, fishing, recreation, exercising and sporting. People can swim every month, every week and every day so it is easy to see how favorable swimming is. Let’s learn how to swim to enjoy comfortable feeling when you stay in the water.

There are more activities that we love you to know about, so keep in touch to have deeper knowledge on outdoor sport.



Types of outdoor sport

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Generally, you all have an overview on outdoor sport, its definition and the huge benefits it can bring to you. So, in this article, you get into various types of outdoor sport what played in team or individuals. Outdoor activities that played outside can be divided into eight types which are mountain activities, forest activities, beach and sea activities, fresh water activities, aero activities, desert activities, family activities, finally cultural and historical activities. In which, mountain activities include trekking, rock climbing, mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding and more sports. Then, forest activities refer to these sports following: camping, tree climbing, etc.…

Of course, beach and sea activities involve to snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing, windsurfing and swimming with others. Fresh water activities include canoeing, kayaking and more meanwhile gliding, ballooning and flying belong to aero activities. Recently, there are several activities that become quite popular; they are camel safari and desert jeep safari. One of these meaningful activities is family activities that are amusement park, picnicking and especially corn maze. Lastly, sightseeing and benchmarking are in cultural and historical activities.

Please do not confuse trekking with mountaineers which only climb up to conquer high mountain

We would like to introduce to you some popular and typical types of outdoor sports. First of all, in mountain activities category, there are several sports that most of you have heard about. We will talk about trekking, rock climbing, mountain climbing and skiing. So what is trekking? Normally, this “term” is used by backpackers who usually travel around with a backpack. Trekking is a form of adventure tourism. The only kind of transportation is attendees’ feet. Backpackers usually walk and carry heavy backpack behind, their destination are probably wild, remote areas, mountain or highland so it is hard to move with large amount of things like that. Mainly, this type of sport requires lots of effort, patience and courage. When backpackers reach their destinations or goals, the scenes in in front of them are definitely amazing and different from normal view we have seen every day. Going through hard and toil period to final result, maybe most backpackers’ felling are the satisfaction and endless joy when achieving goals and reaching new places. Trekking helps exercises physically and there are other benefits include metal power is increased and chances to make friends with your trek partners, challenges accepted and overcome, the feeling of being immersed in the wild is totally awesome. Please do not confuse trekking with mountaineers which only climb up to conquer high mountain.

when you climb up on the larger multiple pitches

Next, let’s talk about rock climbing. Differ from trekking; rock climbing belongs to a kind of outdoor sport in which participants have to climb up, down or across natural rock formations or artificial rock walls. The goal of the game or the purpose is to reach the summit of a formation or the assigned points on the mountain without falling. Usually, the most basic rule of this sport is that one must return to the start point of the route safely, at that time, you are recognized successfully complete a climb. Due to the length and extended endurance required during climbing progress, accidents are more likely to happen almost every time, just 1 sec negligence, the consequences will be bad or worst things can come to you unexpectedly, especially when you climb up on the larger multiple pitches. This type’s requirements are certainly higher than those of trekking which you need more professional training and skills’ preparation before taking a chance of doing it.

So far, you already have more information about the some basic outdoor activities. In the next article, we would like to introduce more outdoor sports for you to know and maybe you might pick one to practice.


Benefits from practicing outdoor sport

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We all know that practicing sports, especially outdoor one brings back plenty of benefits to players; it offers not only physical advantages but only mental ones. It is undeniable that doing exercises regularly in improving health and keeping you away from series of sickness. There are tons of thing when talking about practicing and playing sports, the more you know about those useful information, the more you are interested in sports. In this article, I would like to give you an overall picture of optimistic things that playing or practicing outdoor sport can gain from.

Do you want to know what kind of sport burning the most calories?

The first and the most obvious advantage is that playing or practicing sport bring to you is the improvement in health both mental and physical. Regarding physical side, when doing exercise or playing soccer such as hiking, climbing, kayaking and all of other outdoor activities, those include lots of activities in order to burn calories and fat. From this information, you can easily know that players’ weight can be managed reasonably. So do you want to know what kind of sport burning the most calories? According to, running at 10 mph and bicycling at more than 20 mph burns the most calories per hour. An illustration from Harvard Heart Letter pointed out that while running or bicycling at that speed, around 1466 calories can be burned from a 185-pound person and 990 calories can be burned from a 125-pound person just in an hour. Swimming ranks second since it help burn considerable calories while doing it. Typically, depend on your weight and physical capabilities, in an hour the butterfly stroke may burn from 660 to 976 calories and swimming laps can burn from 600 to 888 calories. Boxing and those sports that play in team respectively occupy the position number three and four. Since boxing is an intense workout which requires movements and lots of energy. Depend on your weight and physical capabilities, practicing this kind of sport may burn between 540 and 800 calories per hour. Then, team sports help burn 500 calories or more in an hour generally. Besides, burning fat and calories, participating on a regular basis or professional outdoor activities gives your muscles, lung and heart system a good workout as well as reduce high blood pressure and osteoporosis, or bone density. An explanation for actors, models or celebrities often practice sports is this help them maintain shape and have a healthy body. Regarding mental side, it can be said that participating in sports particularly for the outdoor activities is the best way to release stress. Sport belongs to a kind of recreational so playing sport brings you fun and excitement. There is nothing amazing than spending time going out for picnic or trekking and sharing with friends, it is definitely better then thinking about troubles at work or school, right?

Troubles happen during your time means challenges appear to change you

The second benefit comes from the wonderful outdoor activities is players’ confidence and other soft skills are improved significantly. Practicing a sport such as swimming or especially climbing involves one into an activities which you can see your results at the end of the journey. The moment you reach your goal is the moment your ability and effort are recognized and this helps build self-esteem. Troubles happen during your time means challenges appear to change you into a better one with higher confidence level. Those kinds of sport which played in team require teamwork skills such as canoeing or swimming. Once you try it, you have to try to mingle with your teammates, then it depends on your ability and attitude, your teamwork skill is increased. Furthermore, trekking or hiking and more activities played outside in the nature involve plenty of skills such as ability to observe, analyze and solve problems. In conclusion, when you participate in one sport, for example, swimming, trekking or climbing, your abilities are increased. Then your passion about playing sport is discovered and this personal development may lead you to an open door, an opportunity to play in school-university team and professional tournaments probably.

In short, playing or practicing a kind of sport or participate it regularly can give you lots of good things. Your health, network, skills and confidence are all improved. I believe it is never too late to start a hobby or habit, so no matter which age you are at, take action now.

Introduction to Outdoor Sport

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People mostly work in offices or building with high-intensity work.

Nowadays, people mostly work in offices or building with high-intensity work, so they have fewer chances to go out and do exercise regularly. The consequences of this inactivity are the declining health and series of sickness. In almost all developed and developing countries, people do not get sufficient exercise and they do less physically demanding work and increase use of mechanized transportation. A new trend is created from the above causes; people’s focuses now may be work, study and other mental activities. Statistics has shown that at least 31% of the world’s population does not get sufficient exercise. We would like to give you some of information on doing exercise in several countries. In Canada, 27.0% of sedentary men are obese as opposed to 19.6% of active men in 2005. In South America, a study of a southern Brazilian population showed that more than 80% of the population was physically inactive in 2005. Obviously, there is an urgent need in doing more physical activities and practicing Outdoor Sport over the world. It you are in doubt about Outdoor Sport, why not accompany with us to have a deeper understanding about these activities.

Practicing a sport especially one played outside is useful with tons of benefits.

Literally, Outdoor Sport mean those sports are played outdoors which contrast with the indoor sports. They are also called “outdoor recreation” or “outdoor activity” and those leisure activities in the outdoors, often in natural or semi-natural settings out of town. Unlike indoor sports, those outdoor ones may include diverse and adventurous types since players’ chances to expose to nature are definitely higher. The players may practice in team or individuals. From Wikipedia, the two main purposes of outdoor activity are beneficial use and pleasurable appreciation. In which, beneficial use refers to the physical and social rewards that targets to accomplish goals both in teams and in individuals. Those types of sports include climbing, hiking, canoeing, caving, walking, hunting, kayaking, and rafting. In order to practice those ones, players must meet some requirements such as qualified physical health, self-sufficiency, risk-taking, teamwork skills, and the needs of achievement. The latter purpose refers to activities which focus more on inner perceptual and/or spiritual life. There are meditation, painting, photography, archeological, historical research and more in this field. Parallel to achieving the goals, players also get physically rewarding in increasing health. In conclusion, no matter what purposes you are heading to, practicing a sport especially one played outside is useful with tons of benefits.